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Thursday, 5 March 2009

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The story of a bird that was created free and it was copyrighted

Ok Here we have a Artist by the name Patrick Fore who presents this wallpaper as his personal work, its really nice but...

Well lets take a minute that reminds me of something O yes its a personal experiment of a friend of mine Charis Tsevis he is the real designer of this artwork.
The original artist Charis Tsevis says: "Licensed under Creative Commons for NON commercial use only" and the Patrick Fore has this artwork as copyrighted? And gives its as his wallpaper created by him through his website?Well this is how things work! First we steal the work of an artist with Creative Commons and then we copyright it and we presented as our work. Ok! Im not a good designer, I’m trying to become one, but I will never present others peoples work as mine I will try to discover the way he works I think that when we are young designers it is ok to imitate others works. But after a while the designer will filter down the work that he sees and will create a new or fresh style
And as Picasso ones said
Bad artists copy. Good artists steal

Well Picasso did not say to copy other people work but the things that are given to us free from the nature.


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