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Wednesday, 1 October 2008

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the most expensive street installation

Obsessions make my life worse and my work better
In September 2008 Sagmeister Inc. is participating in Droog Event 2: Urban Play. The public art installation will consist of 250.000 eurocents placed on the floor, covering more than 300sqm on a square in Amsterdam (>Map). The coins will spell out the sentence “Obsessions make my life worse and my work better”. The piece is part of the series “Things I have learned in my life so far” by Stefan Sagmeister.
From September 14-21 this blog will document the process of setting up the piece, and will then feature live webcam images of the installation.Details
The design is created using four different shades of pennies. We first sort them by color, then lay them out on the tiles. you can download the original design (zip, 4.4MB).
After the piece is completely set up we will leave it alone, on the street. We expect the piece to slowly dissolve as people take coins, play with them, alter the design. All coins have been painted on the back with a bright blue permanent color.

police business
It seems that the Amsterdam police were called by a resident of one of the overlooking buildings early Sunday morning to report that someone was “stealing an artwork”. As the story goes, people were pocketing a few of the coins, which was also expected, but things got a bit out of hand when a resident saw this happening. So the police responded, and, in a rather bizarre instance of police efficiency, they proceeded to “secure” the artwork, by sweeping up the entire installation. 
as taken from sagmeister
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