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Thursday, 16 October 2008

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Banksy in New York City?


The British street artist superstar Banksy have been seen in the streets of New York creating MASSIVE HUGE murals. His popular character trademark "rat" seen downtown New York. The thing from my point of view is that his artwork was appeared on legally rented walls and were painted, as we all seen his work was only illegal what happen this time? He made so much money that he rent buildings to paint them? It is safer ? Of course this action gathered people to see him (if he is really banksy?)
Is he the really banksy and why now be became legal "street artist"?


  1. hm, curious!well, never seen Bansky and really cant tell. however it seems strange for the "history" of Banksy to appear himself for this legally formed rat.and without any explanation of him that would have the same "legal form" with his new legal artwork. Something like an interview, a statement, a "sum of my life", something..And what about all these troubles that he had with the Law (lauvre case for example)now that he appears? there is no problem? hard to believe that is trully him. and also, if i were Banksy, i would choose a more wow (!) artwork to appear myself, not that rat..well.. i dont know. but..
    could this act possibly be the challenge for the real banksy to appear?